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Catholic Democrats PAC

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Catholic Democrats Hate Mail

When you stake out an opinion in the public square in this country, you are likely to get a response. At the Catholic Democrats PAC, we get our share of comments. We have saved the best comments for folks to review.

To Misguided and all PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 19:16
I can be Catholic because I do not support war, support of torture, and the death penalty, which the "pro-life" religious right do support. Do you support these things? I do not support abortion. I believe in helping the poor and the working people, not in cutting social programs or supporting the rich. Do you support these things? The issues the religious "pro-life" Right support are all so unanimously anti-Jesus that I had to take a side and it wasn't going to be that of the hypocrites. It's funny but I think the Right really needs to read the teachings of Jesus again because YOU are the ones who are misguided. Abortion is only one part of the problem. If you are "Pro-life" you better damn well be 100%.
The Last Great Democrat PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Cullen   
Sunday, 12 December 2010 06:59
Hi. Thanks for your note and reflections. Your question, "Why should you get special treatment?" is notable. Heavens, I'm not getting any special treatment! That was my point. Fifty years ago I volunteered in my hometown in working for the JFK campaign, and I'm proud of that. I also volunteered for several campaigns in the 1960s of Iowa Governor and Senator Harold E. Hughes, who has been called, "The Last Great Democrat." William Cullen in Dubuque
Oxymoron PDF Print E-mail
Written by God Bless America   
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 18:35

I see you are well on your way to reaching your lofty $5000 goal. Very impressive. How is it possible to support the Democrat party and still be a Catholic?

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 October 2010 20:15
Catholic Democrats PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Lucignano   
Sunday, 03 October 2010 06:36

I recently registered as a Republican after 40 years as a Democrat. The Far Left has taken over this party. It has abandoned Catholic principles and no longer cares for middle class working democrats. Most Democratic politicians are phonies. To any Democrat who supports abortion I would ask them to define a fetus. It is life and it can be nothing else but human life. There is no way around it - abortion is putting an end to human life. Partial birth abortion which the president has always supported is out and out murder.

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 October 2010 20:16
Misgiuided PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ernest Venza   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 14:17

You people are dillusional. How can you be catholic and support an abortionist party. You may be fooling yourself but you cannot fool God.

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 October 2010 20:17
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